Our Standard Promotional Package and Pricing

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Part 1

Website Analysis seo
Search Engine Optimization and Improvements(including meta tags)
† Navigation Improvements

Top Search Engine Submissions by hand including Google USA and Yahoo USA

Inclusion into 50 Top Search Engine databases

Your Web Page(s) will also be refreshed every 48 hours.

Your URL's(Web Pages) stays included within these search engines for 12 months(renewable).

The top search engines whose database receives in excess of 80 million searches per day, powers over 50 leading Portals/Search Partners on the Internet including:

google yahoo altavista

Part 2

Submission of your home page to thousands* of other Search Engines, Directories, and Link Sites... including the top International engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing plus many more. While some search engines are favoring other methods of indexing, search engine submission does have its place, especially with many of the smaller engines. (*minimum of 15000 submissions and updated every week)

Part 3

you should choose the required numbers of visitors

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10,000 Visitors Includes Part 1 and 2

25,000 Visitors Includes Part 1 and 2

50,000 Visitors Includes Part 1 and 2

100,000 Visitors Includes Part 1 and 2

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Guaranteed Quality Traffic To Your Web Site

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Lets take a senario at say a $10 or £10 profit per sale to you based on just 1% traffic conversion

Number of Hits
Conversion Rate
Your Cost
in £UK
†100,000 †Assume 1% £10,000 £700
50,000 Assume 1% £5,000 £500
25,000 Assume 1% £2,500 £400
10,000 Assume 1% £1,000 £300

For example, if you purchase 100,000 GUARANTEED visitors to your site from us. Using our senario that 1% of visitors will purchase your product or service, a total of 1,000 purchases will be made. That's total sales of $10,000 or £10,000 at $10 or £10 per sale and that's if only 1% of visitors make a purchase.

You could make even more per campaign depending on your profit margin per purchase from the product being offered and that's not including our main promotional campaign.

We only supply GENUINE targeted visitors unlike cheaper suppliers who quite often send fake or non targeted traffic(even when they tell you that it's real) which could cause your site to be banned by Google.

Be warned: Buying cheap traffic could end up expensive.

these conversion rates should be used only as a guide as we cannot guarantee what sales your products will make

Additional Promotional Plans

Plan 1


One of the most difficult things to achieve is getting quality backlinks from high traffic websites, specialized search engines and directories, it is very labour intensive and can take many months to find these sites and agree with them to place your website link on one of their important pages.

We have already done all of the hard work and are constantly updating our data base of these quality traffic resources and can offer you a tailor made package of a minimum of 50 backlinks fully maintained and updated for 12 months for just £180.

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Plan 2


Highly Optimized and Targeted Advertising Pages for a top position in GOOGLE's Search Engines

In today's internet getting quality traffic(visitors) is not easy unless you know what you are doing, there used to be a time when reciprocal links(swapping website links) was the best way to receive visitors and to get your site higher in the search engines but this has and can be abused and you could lose more traffic than you gain.

Our Domain Plus program gets around this problem by installing highly optimized and targeted advertising pages on the back of your domain or on extra domains and linking them directly to the internal pages of your main website which we will call the HUB as it will receive one way visitors.

These pages use the latest methods to get seen at the top of Google's Search Engines within 7 days and sometimes within 72 hours.

Not only does your website get cross linked with these highly optimized and targeted advertising pages but they are advertising just one type of product or service and are directly linked to a relevant internal page of your website.

These pages will be owned and controlled by you, think about it, you have total control on how many links you have out there and how many extra advertising pages you want the search engines like Google to index and best of all you will never lose traffic.

We will build effective advertising pages that lead to your main website, each of these pages will be programmed for search engine robots like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find and rank plus we will install and market each one of them for 12 months.

Sounds simple but† the best ideas are always the simple ones, you can have your cake and eat it.

You will need a minimum of 10 Highly Optimized Adverting Pages although there is no maximum, in fact the more you have the more your website gets seen across the world wide web and that means more people get a chance to buy from you.

Our Cost and what we include.

Optimized Targeted Advertising Pages including direct links to your main website including 12 months of Marketing plus you get full admin control.

The cost starts from just £80 Per Optimized Page.

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If you have questions then email us at support@prohits.biz